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  • Watercolor ink fashion collage illustration, 7, Alessandra Scandella

    It is on line my solo-exhibition at Galleria Gamondio, in Castellazzo Bormida. I prepared 11 watercolor and collage fashion illustration, in a sort of magic tour in old town. The artworks are in black and white, only the models are colored, because I would suggest an old spy story atmosphere… The women are moving around, looking for the past and […]

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  • Watercolor animation, food, @Risogallo

      Very excited for this recent watercolor animation, in collaboration with ArmandoTesta @ArmandoTestaSpa, editing by @Littlebull, client Riso Gallo  @RisoGalloIT

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  • Watercolor illustration fashion, Alessandra Scandella

    Very excited for the solo exhibition I’ll have at Galleria Gamondio, in Castellazzo Bormida, a town that is very passionate to art and illustration. Galleria Gamondio had many illustrator exhibitions,  for example of Sergio Toppi, Ivo Milazzo and Riccardo Guasco. I’ll have for the moment a on line exhibition, for the current situation, but we hope to have a real […]

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  • watercolor fashion illustration, Alessandra Scandella copy

    A new project, a series of watercolor fashion illustrations for a on line exhibition, from June 15 to July 15, with women, nature and japan style with precious textiles, the watercolor are on cotton paper

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  • Abbracciami, Fandangoclub, illustrazione acquerello Alessandra scandella

    Un bel progetto organizzato da Fandango Club, insieme ad altri illustratori abbiamo realizzato delle illustrazioni sul tema del abbraccio in tempo di Covid 19, il ricavato delle vendite andrà’ alla Croce Rossa Italiana. In collaborazione con La Scuola Internazionale Comics, con cui lavoro. Ecco la mia illustrazione ad acquerello e china, un abbraccio tra una madre e una figlia, come […]

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  • Ferrari Official Magazine, Watercolor and ink fashion illustration, Ferrari, 1, Alessandra Scandella

    I’ve done the illustration and the gif for The Official Ferrari Magazine, TOFM, using watercolor and ink, and digital post production. A woman walking in Rome, in Via Condotti, she’s very elegant and beautiful, she’s going to her car, it is a Ferrari Roma, La nuova dolce vita. Art direction is by Theo Nelki.

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  • 09 marzo 2020

    Acqua Levico

    Watercolor illustration, acqua Levico, nature, wallpaper, Alessandra Scandella

    A new artwork for Acqua Levico, with DinamoMilano Agency, a watercolor illustration about woman and nature, describing a forest and the purity of water. For website and an event.

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  • 03 marzo 2020

    Watercolor animation

    Watercolor animation, 1, Alessandra Scandella
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  • DESEDE @immcologne fair, watercolor illustration, design, music, wallpaper, interior, design ,Alessandra Scandella

    I’ve made the watercolor illustrations for @Desede, a interior design factory, they take part at @Immcologne, a interior design fair in Germany. A series of illustrations about sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties, and about what happened in those years in the world, Mandela, Sidney Concert City Hall, Woodstock, the movies, 2001 a space odissey, Annie hall, the godfather. A exciting […]

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  • Illustrazione acquerello design, alimentari, Esselunga, 4,Alessandra Scandella

    A series of illustrations, watercolor and ink, for Esselunga, a new opening at Triumplina, Brescia. The showroom, the store and the opening of the store. I did watercolor illustrations for a brochure and social web communication. Thanks to agency Armando Testa.

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  • Mia Le Journal, event,  watercolor illustration fashion, trees, Alessandra Scandella

    I painted watercolor and ink fashion illustrations for Mia Le Journal event in Milan, 10th anniversary of the fashion magazine

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  • Watercolor illustration, circus, ink, clown, Alessandra Scandella

    During this summer I painted a lot, and in Montpellier I bought a very good quality of ink colours, Sennelier, great! I want to buy more of them! I decided to paint about the circus world, I love it, it a magic and enchanting kind of people.

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  • 6D8E2D0B-605C-4D2C-B13B-A66AB601B4F1

    A series of watercolor and ink illustrations of portraits, the first one is  Massimo Perotti, for Editoriale Domus

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  • 18 luglio 2019



    I’m very happy to begin a collaboration with Domus, the best magazine in Italy about design and architecture. I will paint watercolor illustrations of portraits. Very honoured to do it!

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  • Watercolor illustration, landscape, man, twilight, Alessandra Scandella

    I’ve painted the watercolor illustrations for an illustrated book, Resine Fogel,  Loescher edition, a gothic novel about two kids that live  in France, and there is a mystery between them. I really liked to illustrate the landscape and the vineyard in France, their light and their atmosphere. Many scenes were during the night, or in the twilight.

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  • I’m very proud to be part of a new project by Paolo Fresu record company, Tuk Music, a watercolor animation for an album entitled Clorofilla-Rami/Riturnella, about nature, clorophyll and trees, and about the Animation about chlorophyll, nature and ecology and save the planet. Editing Matilde Montesi and Simone Pontini

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  • Watercolor illustration Alessandra Scandella, acquerello, music art travel

    I’ve illustrated the watercolor for a poster, for Les Baroquiales, Festival d’art baroque, at Sospel,France, on July 2019. Graphic by Carla Mantero. Animals playing musical instruments,dancers, actors and musicians, and the beauty of french nature and landscape.

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  • 27 febbraio 2019

    2019 Wallpepper Catalog

    watercolor illustration, acquerello, decoration, interior, Alessandra Scandella

    I’m freezing to partecipate to the new 2019 Wallpepper Catalog, new illustrations and watercolors, fashion style ,interior design and Japan style! Nature and decor style, with the transparency of watercolor.

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  • watercolor illustration fashion, event, Alessandra Scandella-Patek Philippe,5 copia

    Molto felice di aver partecipato con i miei ritratti ad acquerello all’evento tenuto a Villa Necchi, a Milano, da Patek Philippe, Timepieces in Wonderland!

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